USW is the very place where your dreams will come true.

The year of 2012 is the 30th anniversary of Suwon. In this memorable year USW will take its great stride as a world-class university in this age of globalization. Since its establishment, USW has been making every possible effort to educate students with the best faculty and infrastructure while building creative and specialized educational programs.

The 21st century is the age of limitless global competition where only the best will be
recognized and well-treated in every field. So I have kept in mind that the role or responsibility
of universities in this age is to produce best human resources who can proficiently meet the needs of the unfolding global standard. To further enhance its international status, USW has set up sisterhood relationships with 59 prestigious universities in 17 countries throughout the world including Brown Universities in U.S.A., Nanjing University in China, Teikyo University in Japan and Saint Petersburg State University in Russia, Also, we have set up exchange programs and participated in academic research with these universities.

USW has steadily consolidated the fundamentals of education for 30 years. My donation of \25,000,000,000 to the scholarship fund is the first step of my willingness to do my best to transfer the accumulated capability and potential of USW into the fulfillment of students' dreams and hopes.
One's college days are the period when the student usually cherishes the biggest hope and dream of a lifetime. The bigger the dream, the greater the fulfillment. think that a students' lack of hopes and dreams is attributed to the lack of motivation and opportunity offered by university authorities. Therefore, USW will make every possible effort to offer its students enough motivation and opportunity for them to cherish their lifetime goals and achievements.....

All the members of USW will treat and educate students with love and care as shown by parents toward their children and try to build a nest where students cherish and eventually fulfill their hopes and dreams. President In-soo Lee

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