The Aims of USW VISION 2020

Global Leader

The international community in the 21st century needs people who exert their capacity fully at a world level beyond the narrow boundary of nation and race.
In other words, the global leader of the 21st century is not the type of person who merely specializes in a specific field but the one who commands synthetic knowledge of many fields of learning. So USW offers students educational environments where they can learn not merely their major fields but also a variety of fields such as English and other foreign languages, etiology, humanities, economics, science and technology. USW VISION 2020 aims to foster leaders pioneering the future of the whole world and human race.

Creative Professionalism

Creative spirit enables one to penetrate into unknown territory. Only those who cultivate this spirit can hit on a novel idea and apply it to complex organizations of this global age. As people with creative spirits are expected to play more important roles in the 21st century, the most important aim of university education is to provide these experts with creative professionalism. USW VISION 2020 aims to foster experts through education that can enhance students' capabilities to apply professional knowledge creatively.

Enterprising Frontier Spirit

The ideal type of person in the 21st century is required to command not only profound knowledge of his/her major field but also have an above average capability to laterally think. Furthermore, he/she is required to have high EQ, open-mindedness, challenging spirit, and enterprising frontier spirit. USW VISION 2020 aims to nurture human resources who pioneer the future of society and nation.

Basic Development Plans of USW Vision 2020

Global Mind Education

USW aims to foster talents with global thinking in mind with an emphasis on a world view based on humanity rather than knowledge. As a global mind comes from an open-minded attitude, USW provides students with educational programs that help them to have open-minded attitude such as those for enhancing E(Emotion) Q, S(Society)Q, N(Network)Q, W(World)Q, and G(Global)Q. In To achieve this connection, USW recruits renowned scholars from countries all around the world including the United States. Britain, Canada, Italy, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, China, India, Japan and many other. The true meaning of globalization is to have the ability to get together with people throughout the world at any time and at any place.

Education Satisfying the Needs of Students

Bearing in mind that students are the most important constituent element at the university, fosters students with love and care as shown by parents toward their children. To achieve this goal, USW tries to satisfy the needs of students and their parents by offering various educational programs enhancing students' sense of value, sense of morality, and creative global thinking as well as their knowledge of major fields. USW also promotes academic environments including welfare facilities and the administrative system which help students to cherish and fulfill their dreams and hopes.

An Efficient and Productive University

The present age requires versatile talents commanding multifarious and comprehensive learning. In order to produce such talents more efficiently, USW periodically restructures the administrative system, computerizes academic affairs, gives more support to academic research, strengthens the assessment of the academic achievements of professors, and promotes academic exchanges with domestic and foreign universities.

University Contributing to the Community Development

In order to contribute to the development of regional industry and culture, USW actively runs a variety of institutes including: The Institute of Technological Innovation, The Supporting Center for New Enterprises, The Supporting Center for Techno-parks, the Center for Clean Technologies and Environment, The Industrial-educational Consortium Center, the Continuing Education Center, various Professional Schools, and the Regional Teacher Training Center.
USW also operates various special training programs for teachers in local primary and middle schools, runs a consulting center for local residents, promotes research and preservation of the traditional local culture, and supports community sports activities.

University Contributing to the Development of National Culture

USW tries its best to succeed in developing the traditional local culture of Suwon and Hwaseo. To achieve this purpose, USW has excavated historic remains at an archeological sites, revitalized oriental medicine and traditional arts including Korean music, and has contributed to the preservation of traditional senses of value and morality. USW will be a leader in the development of national culture by regularly rendering volunteer services for the preservation of regional cultural heritages.

Promotion of Specialization and Priority Policies

Reform of Educational and Academic System

USW will reform the educational system to meet the needs of students and society, and will maximize opportunities for education. It will strengthen liberal arts education and develop programs in early education and other specialized educational fields. USW will reform its matriculation intake system to attract various talented students.

Expansion of Educational Facilities

In addition to the beautifully arranged buildings on the campus, USW will construct The Suwon Cultural Complex, a new building for engineering sciences, Faculty Hall, Design Complex, and will actively search to secure off-campus spaces.

Specialization of Arts

For the specialization in the fields of fine arts, music, dance, and theater/film, USW will carry out various plans to select students based on their performances for the purpose of setting up and managing a Fine Arts preparatory school. We are also looking forward to establish an opera center, a Korean music institute and a world art information center. In addition, we plan to restructure The Kowoon Art Center, develop centers for computer visual arts, and provide general design education through the fusion of fashion design and industrial design.

Polymer Engineering Sector

USW will select as specialization sectors electronic information material, environmental energy industry material, and intelligent multi-function material/component related to nano-based material. USW will establish research and education system with global competitiveness through intensive investments for research and education infrastructure.

Renewable Energy Sector

Renewable energy is a sector of environment technology which is one of the six national strategic technologies. ET, a technology curtailing, preventing and renewing environmental pollution, urgently needs investment, institutional support, and expansion of R&D infrastructure. Intensive support and fostering of the renewable energy sector will contribute to enhancing national competitiveness as well as the development of USW. USW will specialize part of its curriculum to the renewable energy sector and nurture experts in this field.

Industrial and Biochemical Engineering Sector

Today is the transition period from the age of 'gray' technology based on physics and chemistry to the age of 'green' technology based on biology. Korea had a difficulty in competing with other countries in the age of gray technology because of her late launching. In the age of green technology universities in Korea need to invest actively in biochemical engineering sector to get ahead of other countries. USW is sure that the specialization of this sector will not only contribute to the attraction of new students, employment of graduates, and enhancement of school ranking but also level up research activities, collaboration of industry-academia, and students' participation in social service. So it aims to lay special emphasis on the development of this sector and nurture experts with competitive power.

Interaction between IT and Art Sector

USW will develop context-aware systems through the research of intelligent situational awareness-based technology and active situation-corresponding fusion technology and service system, and will transfer practical technology and promote commercialization of developed technology through the collaborative work with related local industries. In intelligent situational awareness-based technology USW will focus on the research for the development of visual, vocal and bionic information awareness systems such as security monitoring system, and in active situation-corresponding fusion technology and service system USW will focus on the research of the fusion of networks, situation-corresponding information system, and LBS-based location of precise position.

Specialization of Engineering

USW, with its accumulated experience of winning the first (Presidential) prize in the Contest for Industry-academia Collaboration, will establish and conduct a project-specific development strategy. USW will activate industry-academia collaboration organizations such as Industry-academia-institute Consortium Center, Techno-Park Center, Business Incubation Center, Center for Clean Environment Technology, Center for Electronic Components and Materials Technology Innovation through the effective use of Kowoon Institute of Technological Innovation. Engineering Research Complex, which started to be constructed in 2010, is a high-tech architecture with seven stories above and four stories under the ground, having a total floor space of 48,175 square meters, which surpasses Copenhagen Engineering Building in Denmark in its scale. It will be the mecca of nurturing human resources in the field of natural science and engineering, who will lead the future of our nation in the global age.
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