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  • The Language Institute
  • The Korean Language Institute
  • The State Examination Center
  • The Classical Chinese Education Center
  • The English as a Second Language
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  • The Study Abroad Program

Adjunct Institutes

  • The Institute of Donggo Philosophy
  • The Institute of Social Sciences
  • The Institute of Smart Biomaterials
  • The Institute of Industrial Technology
  • The Institute of Information Technology
  • The Waste Recycling Institute
  • The Institute of Sports Industry
  • The Innovation Center for Engineering Education
  • The National Land for the Future Institute

Life-long Education Center

Anyone who wants to learn valuable knowledge and informations in this rapidly changing modern society can knock at the door of a life-long education system. The Life-long Education Center of USW has left its door open for any locals who wish to get re-education. The center provides the local community with the opportunity to pursue life-long education making the best use of the facilities and faculty members of USW. The courses the center offers include physical education, floral art, and social welfare. The center, adopting the credit bank system, extends diversified and intensified education. It also runs various programs for those who want to acquire professional certificates, find employments, inaugurate enterprises, and become practitioners of the floral art CEO,
The Following programs are run by the center.

  1. 1. The Credit bank system
  2. 2. Various life-long programs for the local community
  3. 3. Education required by corporations or society
  4. 4. Re-education of the public
  5. 5. Vocational education, technology education, humanity education and entrusted education

The center will go on trying its best to educate applicants to enhance their specialized abilities and help them to live worthy lives.

College for the Gifted

In order to foster global leaders in the rapidly changing 21st century, the College for the Gifted engages in education with the following purports.

  1. 1. To develop genius through unique and initiative education
  2. 2. To foster global leaders through the education of the gifted and for all mankind
  3. 3. To cultivate insight penetrating through nature and human existence
  4. 4. To develop abilities to administer self, family and nation with love, consideration and cooperation

The college consists of the three classes of humanities, social science and traditional Korean music. Pupils attending the 4th grade of elementary school to the 2nd grade of middle school are qualified to enter the college. the Humanities class aims to foster talents who will initiate new conscious thoughts for humanity and history. The social science class is to foster talents who will invent new social frames for world peace and prosperity. The traditional Korean music class is to foster talents who will succeeded to and develop traditional Korean music and furthermore, formulate the future world culture.

Incubator for the Gifted

The Incubator for the Gifted is open to children from the age five years old. It tries to foster global leaders of the future by inducing the utmost to children's uniqueness, creativeness and latent ability. Its purports are as below.

  1. 1. To develop children's gifts through games and pleasant observation.
  2. 2. To develop children's insight and ability to cope with problems by extending children's view on humans, thing and nature
  3. 3. To develop children's affection, cooperative mind, judgment and leadership in their early stages

The incubator teaches English as essential course, mathematics and science for the development of creativity, and literature, arts, and physical education for self-initiative speculation. The incubator adopts diversified teaching methods appropriate for children to help the child express themselves uniquely and creatively, and to enhance their ability to cope with problems.

National Land for the Future Institute

The Institute is established with the following objectives. First of all it should suggest a desirable model for national land and create research to realize this model. Second, it should search into policies and ideas to find desirable variations for the land required by government and public enterprises. finally, it should study and suggest plans for civic-level development to better public life.

Innovation Center for Engineering Education

As an efforts to maintain the dynamic force for economic growth, the request of effective engineering education has been augmented by the country. specifically, the innovation for engineering education has been strongly demanded by the people along with the needs of fostering creative specialists with leadership and business education. The Innovation Center for Engineering Education was established in Sep. 2003 in preparation for the change in engineering education paradigms and accreditation evaluation These changes started with the inauguration of the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea. The name of Engineering Education Center of USW was changed To the Innovation Center for Engineering Education in 2007 when Ministry of Knowledge and Economy decided to support the center for five years.

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