The college aims to cultivate experts in the following four fields: physical education, applied physical education, dance, and martial art. For these aims, it prepared curriculums covering new trends of dance and physical education, and invited faculty members from home and abroad to educate students in practical skills of sports events. fitness & physiatrics, dance and practical skills of martial arts. The college helps students to master foreign languages, participate in club activities, and offers counseling for better academic achievement and opportunities to find employment.

  • Division of Physical Education
  • Major in Physical Education
  • Major in Sports and Leisure
  • Department of Dance
  • Department of Martial Arts
  • Department of Fitness Management

Department of Martial Arts


The department aims to foster leaders in the representative martial arts of northeast Asia such as taegweondo, oriental fencing, judo and ushu. The Curriculum of the department cover courses dealing with theories and skills of these four martial arts. as well as sports rehabilitation. Moreover, the department tries to provide a new physical model appropriate for the physical and constitutions of Oriental people while at the some time casting off Western models.


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