R.O.T.C.(Reseve officer’ Training corps)

The R.O.T.C. program was introduced to the university in 1984. Candidates are selected in March every year among applicants based on their academic performance and the results of a physical examination. Selected candidates who get good grades and serve as role models for others may have scholarship. R.O.T.C. educates candidates in various courses such as military science, computer, and Chinese letters so that they may grow into leaders in the army and the modern society of informations and industry. They are commissioned officers on completion of extended military training after graduation.


The dormitory consists of three units with five floors and one basement. It is 12,572㎡(3,800 pyeong) in size and can accommodate 900 students. It started housing students from September of 2000. Dormitory rooms are not arranged in corridor style that is usual in Korean universities. Instead, they are fashioned in the block style that most of the distinguished foreign universities adopt in order to create family-like environment to share the community spirit at the same time, keep the independence of each room, The dormitory, which stands on a sunny hill on the campus, helps to alleviate the inconvenience of students having to commute. It also adds to the academic atmosphere of university and contributes to the social well being of students from distant places.

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